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Since 1972

Gold | Silver | Diamond | Platinum

Why Choose Us?

Since last 50 years we have culture where client relationships take precedence over profit.

With boundless expertise in Gems & Jewellery, there’s no creation we can’t bring to life. Challenge us, and witness the extraordinary.

With unwavering dedication, we infuse strength, comfort, and flexibility into every creation, ensuring a harmonious bond between beauty and wearability.

Within our curated collection, you will discover a world where each piece is self designed and each piece can be set apart from the ordinary.

Moreover, we take great pride in translating our clients’ visions into reality (customising) with a skilled team of artisans, we fashion bespoke creations that bear the mark of individuality, perfectly reflecting their unique desires.

Our commitment extends beyond craftsmanship, as we also offer comprehensive jewellery designing services, breathing life into dreams.

H. K. Jewels welcomes both bulk and individual orders from across the globe. Be it selling, manufacturing, customizing, or designing, we orchestrate every step with finesse.

When you entrust us with your order, we try to deliver it to your doorstep, sparing you the labyrinth of customs bureaucracy and the need for external counsel to navigate the intricacies of import duties. We curate an experience where the burdensome intricacies dissolve, allowing you to revel in the joy of receiving your treasures hassle-free.

H. K. Jewels Since 1972

H. K. Jewels
Since 1972
Gold | Silver | Diamond | Platinum

408, Aarya Epoch, Opp. Passport Office, Opp. Mehta Sweets, Vijay Cross Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, India

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