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Who Are We?

We are a collective of artisans deeply immersed in the art of jewellery production, possessing an intricate understanding of every facet of the industry.

Our academic education and expertise empower us to transcend knowledge into a flourishing business venture.

Boasting a rich history spanning over 50 years, our team of 25+ specialists exhibits unparalleled mastery in their respective fields.

H. K. Jewels Since 1972

Meet Our Leaders

Hasmukhlal Soni


Started jewelry manufacturing from a humble two-room house.

Mastered every aspect of jewelry making through hard work and diverse experiences.

Built a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and integrity, gaining recognition among wealthy families in Ahmedabad.

Rajendra Adeshara


Son of Hasmukhlal Soni, carrying forward the legacy of quality and honesty.

Gifted with a talent for creating unique and captivating jewelry designs.

Highly regarded by clients for his knowledge, calm demeanor, and understanding nature.

+91 94263 71152

Sagar Adeshara


Elder son of Rajendra Adeshara, representing the third generation in the business.

Combines artistic flair, knowledge, and financial and management expertise.

Tripled the business turnover within 5 years.

Driven to elevate the company’s reputation globally.

+91 87359 78308

Savan Adeshara

Partner + Foreign Operations

Younger son of Rajendra Adeshara, currently residing in the United States.

Contributes to the development and implementation of AI technology in the automobile industry

Brings the family’s jewelry heritage and commitment to excellence.

Offers support and after-sales services to foreign-based clients.

+1 (810) 813-1945