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Fusion (Diamond and Jadau) Jewellery

Experience the exquisite fusion of Indian tradition and contemporary elegance in our unique collection of diamond and Jadau jewellery. We have designed and created stunning pieces that combine real diamonds with eye-catching Villandi or monzonite stones. These stones give the appearance of larger solitaire diamonds, but at a more affordable price.

For further details and to explore this captivating jewellery line, we invite you to contact us. Our team will be delighted to provide you with more information and assist you in discovering the perfect fusion piece that resonates with your style and preferences.

Kundan / Jadau Jewellery

Kundan - Jadau Jewellery embodies India’s rich traditions, symbolizing royalty and capturing the essence of bridal adornment. It carries a century-old legacy of Zaverat, boasting a diverse array of stones, including uncut diamonds, exquisite emeralds, sapphires, synthetic gems, and meticulously crafted real stones, tailored to meet clients’ preferences and budgets.

Crafting kundan jewellery is an intricate process that demands the skill and expertise of artisans. Each piece is a labor of love, requiring the artist’s vision, design prowess, and manual dexterity. The creation of these treasures involves the collaborative efforts of six to seven specialized artisans, each mastering a different aspect, culminating in a singular masterpiece.

The beauty and significance of this timeless jewellery lie not only in its materials but also in the artistic dedication and craftsmanship that elevate it to a realm of unparalleled splendor. Feel free to Contact Us to know more.

Real Diamond Jewellery

Platinum Jewellery

Platinum jewellery is not only a popular alternative to gold jewellery, but it is also considered a mark of royalty. Platinum jewellery we make consist 95% platinum. We can paire platinum with real diamonds, American diamonds, or even CVD diamonds, which provides a wide range of options for jewellery enthusiasts. Not only does platinum possess exceptional strength, but it also enhances the durability of gold when combined with it. Wearing platinum jewellery provides an incredible feeling of elegance and luxury. Its timeless beauty and association with royalty make it a cherished choice for discerning individuals. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Loose Diamonds

In our collection, we offer a splendid range of loose diamonds, catering to the unique requirements of our esteemed clients. Our diverse selection allows clients short as per their needs, encompassing various qualities, sizes, colors, cuts, and shapes. Whether they desire a dazzling cluster or a singular gem, we diligently source and provide diamonds that meet their specific criteria, ensuring the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

With our team of expert diamond sorters and evaluators, equipped with an impeccable eye for detail, we streamline the selection process for our clients. Their expertise ensures that each diamond possesses the desired attributes, guaranteeing a truly exceptional gemstone acquisition. Feel free to Contact Us to know more.

American Diamond Jewellery


CVD Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as CVD diamonds, have gained popularity as an alternative to natural diamonds. Their cost is nearly half that of real diamonds, making them an attractive choice in today’s market. Over the past 2-3 years, the demand for CVD diamonds has been on the rise, especially in jewellery designs that require prominent solitaires. By incorporating CVD diamonds, the cost of these solitaires can be significantly reduced, catering to those who desire solitaire jewellery but find the high prices of natural diamonds prohibitive. This accessibility has made CVD diamonds a preferred option for many.

India has emerged as a leading exporter of CVD diamonds, and we, too, have embraced this market opportunity by expanding our product line. Our offerings include exquisite jewellery made from CVD diamonds, as well as loose CVD diamonds for customization or other purposes. With this diversified range, we can cater to a wide array of customers and their unique preferences. Our commitment to capturing the emerging market of CVD diamonds allows us to meet the evolving demands of discerning buyers. Feel free to Contact Us to know more.

Silver Products

Gods Shringar / Thakorji Shringar

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us that performing actions without expectations is a vital practice for spiritual realization, connecting us to the eternal and the Unborn.

In the Vaishnava tradition, followers of Pushti Marga find immense joy in serving and adoring their beloved Lord Krishna, in a childlike form. One of the beautiful ways to do "SEVA" is by adorning Shri Thakorji with different jewelleries, known as “Shringar.” We are among the rare artisans who design, Customise & create special ornaments for the deities, offering our devotion through this act of love.

For others need to do Dhyana to connect to the God, to get closer to realisation, to the Divine. For the purpose they craft and adorn sacred idols, with love and hope; they create idols that reflect their personal vision and expectations of the divine. They also make cloths and jewelleries for the Gods to make him look as they expect/imagine the God to be. We also design exquisite jewellery for various deities, infusing each piece with devotion.

If you are interested in learning more about our work and the art of divine adornment, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to share our knowledge and passion with you.